Nashua Limited is a leading provider of both Managed Document Services (MDS) and Digital Office Automation printing products in Southern Africa.

By analysing an organisation’s processes and document workflow, Nashua’s MDS approach can revolutionise the management of information, reducing cost, and improving operational effectiveness. The Nashua MDS process produces enhanced controls, improved information quality, and greater streamlined structures, resulting in noticeable cost savings.

Transform your company’s document processes.

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Feedem Pitseng

Case study: Contract caterer Feedem Pitseng replaced its existing printers at customer sites with fast, reliable HP Pro X 476 machines. Overview: Remote monitoring software enables Nashua to manage consumables…

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Feedem Pitseng

9 common myths demystified

Exotic trees grown in plantations overtake the countryside Exotic species are not a problem if their seeding into the local countryside is correctly…

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