Nashua is a leading provider of integrated business solutions in Southern Africa.

By providing real solutions for real people, Nashua has become a trusted partner for organisations looking to streamline and digitise.

Nashua assists businesses in digitising and minimising down-time with Managed Document Services (MDS) to track and protect important documents, while Managed Print Services (MPS) optimise resources by tracking print jobs from inception to completion.

Nashua Voice boosts communication while reducing costs with IP-based telephony services and connectivity. Together with PBX, Cloud Services and ISP, businesses can build their own data eco-systems that work to get more done, in less time. And because Nashua’s vision is to simplify office spaces, they provide infrastructure so managers and employees can focus on what’s important – nurturing and growing incredible businesses.

Transform your business today.

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NCCF and Sappi colour the dreams of 1000 children

The Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation (NCCF) is teaming up with Sappi in an initiative called ‘Help Colour My Dreams’ to raise funds to

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How constructive feedback can take business to the next level

How managers can give practical feedback to drive team success.

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Beijing, China- July 10, 2016: Jenga is a game of physical and mental skill created by Leslie Scott. Taking one block from wooden blocks tower that stability decrease