CES Wrap-up – Part 3 – Future Technologies

| 5 February 2013

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While CES 2013 focused on televisions there were some really interesting technologies bubbling under the surface that could potentially have a massive impact in the future. It’s been fascinating watching the evolution of the traditional motor vehicle over the last decade. Apart from the fact that today’s vehicles are equipped with the latest high tech they are also becoming more connected to information grids.

We’ve read extensively about Google’s driverless cars that have been tested in California over the last few years. These vehicles have already driven thousands of miles without any incidents.

The technology is so advanced that the state of Nevada has passed a law permitting the operating of these cars.

Most of the major vehicle manufacturers are testing and developing these kind of solutions and in the next decade consumers will most certainly be able to purchase a car that drives itself.

At the CES this year Lexus introduced their version of an intelligent vehicle called the Advanced Active Safety Research Vehicle.

Lexus officials said the main focus of this vehicle is to help correct driver human errors that result in serious collisions.

The vehicle is equipped with many sensors and cameras that work together with GPS coordination and gyroscopes.

Imagine you are repairing things at home and you urgently need a nut and bolt. Simple, just download the image and print it. This is the future of 3D printing.

Makerbot is a company that has been making consumer 3D printers for the last couple of years and at CES 2013 they released their latest printed called the Replicator 2X that is capable of printing in two colours.

The latest printer is expected to sell for $2799 and is able to print products made from plastic.

Sure the price sounds expensive, but imagine in future being able to print anything from a garden hose accessory to a sophisticated moving part on a home printer. This is the future of 3D printing and experts say that in the next five years they will be a common place in a home.

The Pebble Watch was another gadget that attracted quite a bit of attention. The $149 device which was born from a crowd sourcing project on Kickstarter has put geeks into unplayable mode ahead of the release date.

It is essentially a watch with an e-ink display that talks wirelessly to your cell phone allowing users to control music from the watch and even read emails and messages on the display.

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