Green Carbon Reporting

Eco-friendly printing across all your devices

IMAGE: Eco-friendly printing

Reducing your carbon footprint should be something all businesses pursue, because eco-friendly printing is your way of saving the environment. Nashua printing solutions are designed to lower the amount of paper our clients print, while still maintaining a high level of efficiency.

Built-in functionalities that reduce electricity consumption in all Nashua devices also make your printing green printing.

In addition, Nashua is in the process of gaining ISO 14001 accreditation – which is an internationally accepted standard outlining how to best establish an effective environmental management system.

Nashua solutions on going green include:

  • Reducing the number of servers and thereby reducing power usage and heat generation to save costs and energy.
  • Multifunction devices reduce power and cooling consumption by combining routers, switches and firewalls into a single device.
  • Use multi-purpose cabling, to reduce wiring infrastructure by sharing existing Ethernet wiring.
  • Teleconferencing reduces transport and accommodation costs, increases productivity and reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Temperature and light sensors, when under computerised network building management system control, automatically switch off air conditioners and lights when no movement is detected in the room.
  • With CPU power throttling techniques, processors are slowed down during times of low use or when high performance is not needed.
  • Replacing desktops with laptops with power reduction tools, such as sleep mode and hibernation.
  • Investing in energy efficient desktops and make use of computing units with minimal hardware configuration when intended for use as a terminal for accessing services and data from a centralised server.
  • Automated power management ensures that all printers, fax machines and non-computer related equipment is automatically shut down at a pre-determined time.
  • Manage company networks remotely with Remote Systems Management which reduces the need for on-site staff, travelling carbon emission and energy consumption.

Contact the Nashua printing solution specialists for further details on your company’s carbon footprint and efficient, easy-to-implement ways to reduce it.

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