| 20 September 2016


Nashua Kimberley has a vacancy for an IT Onsite Engineer


Specific technical duties defined per incident include:

• Analysis and Investigation of problems
• Repair, substitution or replacement of faulty hardware as necessary
• Repair, installation, reinstallation or reprogram of software as necessary
• Testing and error checking of solutions
• Backup of data as necessary in order to restore functionality
• Provide recommendations as necessary for the general health of the equipment
• Follow-up with Customer after the solution has been implemented

Non Specific technical duties:
• Could include running networking and telecom cabling, including ceilings and wall runs.
• Also may be required to work with telecom or copier technicians in order to facilitate networking solutions.
• Might include installing physical equipment (i.e. networking patch panels, or racks or rack enclosures or hub stations) on, under or above workstations, server rooms and/or specifically designed furniture.

Specific Non-technical duties include:
• Transportation of equipment (including pickup and drop off to 3rd parties if necessary)
• Confirmation and follow-up calls to clients when necessary
• Must be capable to carry and lift including but not limited to toolboxes, ladders, packaged computers and equipment such as monitors, display panels or small TV’s, laptops, servers or UPS units.

• Must have a roadworthy vehicle with a valid license.
• Must have a valid Driver’s Licence
• Must have Afrikaans and English communication skills in both written and verbal forms
• Must be willing to work non-standard business hours including in some cases late evenings and/or weekend and/or public holidays if required.
• Previous experience as an onsite engineer or workshop engineer required.
• A+ or other IT qualifications recommended.

If you are interested in this vacancy you can send your CV to Please indicate which position you are applying for.

Should you not hear from us 2 weeks after submitting your CV, please take it that your application has not been successful.