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Simplicity, quality and benefit are the core of Nashua’s Smart Solutions. This affordable, innovative portfolio of products and services offers customers integrated tech solutions for every aspect of business.

Hikvision surveillance equipment  
The range of surveillance solutions developed by Nashua and Hikvision has elevated levels of security monitoring to prevent the most experienced criminals from stealing or destroying assets. No matter the size, existing infrastructure or budget, there’s a suitable solution to protect your premises. The solution uses one state-of-the-art revolving fisheye camera, as opposed to multiple cameras, to monitor a whole office space or store, which reduces time and labour costs. The Wi-Fi camera means easy connection and access.
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ViRDI biometric technology
Biometric fingerprint and facial recognition allows for comprehensive access control. The system can leverage existing employee demographic data to reduce manual entry steps for improved convenience and security.
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Parrot Multi Touch Interactive Whiteboard
Interactive whiteboards transform modern meetings and drive productivity. The digital whiteboard means information is easily analysed, shared, modified and stored.
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