NCCF Charity visits for May

| 28 May 2014


The NCCF visited 10 of their assisted charities on the East Rand, receiving warm welcomes with song, dance and hugs as we arrived at each home.

Badanisile and Epworth 1

BADANISILE HOME OF SAFETY has 50 children now living in the home and the rooms are crammed with bunk beds that it is almost impossible to weave your way from one to another. They are thrilled to have their day care centre properly equipped with little tables and chairs, educational wall charts and much more thanks to The Foundation. Their wish is to have a multifunctional copier.

Badanisile and Epworth 3

SIMAMISA ORPHANAGE now has 42 resident orphans and also runs a crèche for 36 babies and toddlers. They were proud to show off the MP161SPF that Nashua donated to them along with a PC. Their oldest resident is a first year UJ student who was so excited to receive the Samsung Netbook that Nashua donated, for his personal use. Their wish is to receive 20 new single bed mattresses as those that we donated are worn thin.

Epworth and Caroline’s

EPWORTH CHILDREN’S VILLAGE maintains their resident number of children at 75. This incredibly well run home celebrates its 100th year of service to children next month. They were overjoyed to inform us that thanks to the funds saved as the NCCF purchases regular groceries, cleaning materials and toiletries for the village, they were able to renovate one of the children’s cottages that was in dire need of a facelift.

Fountain of Love 1

FOUNTAIN OF LOVE where the children lined the street to welcome us and then led us into their small home to perform a pacey dance with song and cheering. That was followed by a thank you song to Nashua. Rosy, besides having her home brimming at the seams with 42 resident children, still runs her day care centre, and manages to feed 150 needy children twice a week from her soup kitchen.

Epworth and Caroline’s 3

CAROLINE’S CARE SAFE HOUSE AND CRECHE now has 30 resident children in the home with a further 75 attending their crèche. Caroline very humbly asked the NCCF to purchase a new hob and oven for the home as theirs is broken and definitely beyond repair. She has also asked for a second hand MFP and PC.

Pelonomi 2

PELONOMI PRE-CUM crèche accommodates 80 children aged 1 month to 6 years and in addition they now run an aftercare facility for 26 high school learners who need homework assistance and most important, a hot meal once a day. It was here that we could not convince the older girls that Asher was not Justin Bieber and they hugged him and all wanted to be photographed with him. He made their day!!


PHUTANANG SAFE HOME continues to assist 53 indigent and in many instances, orphaned children by providing them with daily meals, a safe place to come to after school. Although more than a year ago, they all spoke animatedly about their visit to Valley of Waves.

Maphindi’s 1

MAPHINDI’S DAY CARE CENTRE AND PRE-CLASS –where construction has finally begun on the building of a new day care centre after their old structure all but collapsed. This is by far the largest building undertaking by the NCCF and with foundations dug, we look forward to seeing the progress. The children are currently being educated in a container on a rocky piece of ground close to Maphindi’s.

Caritas and Lambano 2

CARITAS HOME where Yvonne currently cares for just 9 children as the rest have been placed with families by local social workers, although the NCCF was informed that there is a lot of unhappiness and they expect to receive many of the children, some who have been in their care for 10 years and more, to be returned.  Caritas, thanks to meeting them through the NCCF, is assisting Fountain of Love with weekly ‘sell by date’ products donated to them by their local Woolworths where the quantity of goods given to them is just too much for their small numbers.

Caritas and Lambano 1

LAMBANO SANCTUARY continues to be very well run with their children’s hospice fully equipped and sadly often utilized. They were so excited to inform the NCCF that 2 of their young children had recently been adopted by Dutch couples and have started a new life far from our shores.

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