How Norman Adami manages his time

| 23 July 2014


This article originally appeared on Moneyweb.

Being a vital cog in one of the world’s largest brewing companies is an enormous challenge for any executive. With over 70 000 employees in 75 different geographies, the business has a global reach and executives are always on the go.

Outgoing chairperson of SABMiller Beverages South Africa shares his three tips for better managing his time:

  • Use idle time at airports and on airplanes to catch up on outstanding emails and other communication.
  • Minimise the number of meetings you have. Get clear and focused on the agenda of meetings and ensure executives and managers learn to tell the short story.
  • Coach executives and managers on key priorities and ensure they report back in standardised, decision-making formats.

The last point in particular is an important one for managers of businesses, as a lot of time can be wasted trying to centralise and standardise different reporting formats. If you can keep this simple with clearly defined metrics, you will find your business running far more efficiently.