Prodoc supports the NCCF

| 18 June 2014

Prodoc has been following the activities of the NCCF for a few months and has approached the organisation for a suggestion of a charity they could support, in lieu of gifting Office Sverige AB, whom they wanted to acknowledge in a truly special way. Caroline’s Care Safe House and Creche was suggested, and Prodoc gave the go-ahead to spend the equivalent of €700.00 to replace the “beyond repair” hob and oven, and to provide them with a laptop as well. A quick call to Makro Woodmead and a very excited Caroline, resulted in a shopping spree to acquire these items. Prodoc will receive a specially designed certificate from The Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation to present to Office Sverige AB.

This is the start of a very rewarding partnership between Prodoc and NCCF.

Prodoc certificate of thanks

View images from the shopping expedition on our Facebook page.