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It isn’t by coincidence or chance that Nashua Limited is the leading distributor of digital office automation equipment and document output solutions in Southern Africa.

Our dominant position in the market has been built on our ability to offer our clients a customised,end-to-end solution, regardless of the industry they operate in. Ultimately, our comprehensive range of products is agile and flexible enough to fit into any company’s operations, and ensure that they save a considerable amount of time and money.

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Document Security

One of the most important aspects of your company’s operations is to secure important pieces of information. Nashua assists you to increase the security of your documents by providing you with full auditability on all our system and devices.

Thus, you are able to track and monitor the workflow of your documents, and ensure that vital pieces of information will not be misplaced, destroyed, or fall into the wrong hands.

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Digital Storage

Nashua’s customised digital storage solutions will increase the speed and efficiency of your business operations and reduce operational costs by ensuring that your office isn’t overwhelmed by mounds of manual paper and filing cabinets.

Through digitising documents, you are able to eliminate the production of extra hard copies of documents, retrieve documents faster, and re-file in the correct place. This, in turn, improves document security and minimises the risk of potential IT disasters such as fire or theft.

It also encourages secure knowledge sharing as multiple people can have access to the same information simultaneously and any document can be swiftly shared with colleagues through a digital platform such as e-mail or fax.

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Document & Records Management

Having to keep track of numerous official document records, as well as complying with multiple legal bodies can be a tedious and time consuming task.

Our innovative and highly efficient solutions, which range from simple document management to complicated records management allows your business to substantially speed up the process of ensuring compliance and record keeping.

Throughout this process, we are able to create tailor-made solutions that fit your particular company structures or processes.

We therefore help you maintain the lifecycle of your documents, while ensuring that document records are secure.

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Document Compliance

Document management and compliance involves the processing of official documents, such as leave forms and expense claims, into an electronic format. This is done in order to ensure your documents are accurately captured, and more efficiently comply with various legal bodies such as SARS and the National Archives.

Through electronically formatting these documents, the compliance process is substantially sped up, and made more efficient.

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Document Records Management

With Nashua’s document records management solutions, companies are able to ensure that workflows are properly managed and executed, kept legally compliant, and according to company policies and processes.

Through simplified document management processes, you will be able to save more time, reduce the amount of paper used, and ultimately reduce operational costs. In addition, you will be able to offer staff more functionality and document control owing to the digitised nature of compliance necessary documentation.

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Information Access

The speed and efficiency in which you can access vital pieces of information is very often a key factor in the success of your business.

But instead of increasing staff numbers to improve this area of your business, rather gain more out of your current staff complement by increasing their access to information.

Through Nashua’s digitised document management solutions, multiple staff members can have access to vital pieces of company information at the same time.

As the information is mobile as well, they can even save valuable time by doing their work away from the office.

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Variable Data Printing

Owing to the high cost and limited functionality of dot matrix printers, Nashua is able to offer our customers a far superior solution through variable data printing.

This form of printing represents a move away from pre-printed stationary, and once again reduces the amount of manual documents you print.

Through this solution, your printing can be customised according to your needs by adding functionality, intelligence and data to your documents with the inclusion of elements such as barcodes, automated invoices and digital pen grids. To achieve this, the solution uses customer relationship management databases coupled with specific source files. In addition, our solution will allow for distribution of document in a number of formats and mediums, all with the click of a button.

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Business Process Management

Nashua’s business process solutions are agile enough to cater to whatever business process you have running, and can complement the growth and changing nature of your operation.

In fact, our systems can cater to any document that need to be scanned and indexed, approval processes, indexing into other back-end systems, as well as document and records management systems.

Through this efficient process, all your documents are recorded onto one format, which ensures no duplication, and only one version.

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Reducing Carbon Footprints

Nashua is fully committed to being green, and as such, our processes have been designed to ensure that they do not only reduce your spend but decrease your carbon footprint as well.

We are also planning to align our green strategies with those of our clients, and are currently in the process of gaining local ISO 14001 accreditation.

This will not only provide your company with accreditation, but will allow us to conduct green IT reporting, and contribute even more significantly towards lowering your carbon footprint.

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Nashua’s services are agile enough to ensure that there is constant mobility to your printing processes, as your employees are able to print their documents from any location. This provides you with constant access to information, and the ability to operate more efficiently and save valuable time.

It also helps your company save on paper output, as printing orders will not print automatically and will only be released when necessary by the relevant person at the device.

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Electronic Forms (e-forms)

Did you know that 80% of printing in business is based on forms that are originally electronically designed and then printed out?

However, as printing paper has become too slow for modern business, there is an urgent need to ensure that extra information can be electronically added to documents.

Nashua has the requisite technology to take the form you have designed and digitised, and help you avoid time consuming and unnecessary repeats of irrelevant information.

With only limited input from the user, this solution will help you generate a dynamically customised document. In this document, only the relevant information required from the user is captured, and is specifically filtered according to the requirements of the user. This action ultimately reduces paper costs, removes frustration, and increases the mobility, speed and efficiency of the document process.

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Reduced operating expenses

Through a combination of optimising your fleet of printers, and installing intelligent software to manage your printing devices and documents,

Nashua will help your business reduce unnecessary operating expenses, and generate a better return on your investment. Included in this offering are three elements:

A. Fleet optimisation management
Nashua can ensure that your fleet of printers perform according to their intended use, and are not overworked or underworked, by constantly maintaining and managing your printing devices.

We will help you gain the most out of your daily operations by proactively providing you with the right device that best fits your unique business requirements, and produces the intended result.

Nashua will also help you eradicate the use of outdated or insufficient software solutions, and replace them with current solutions that will help you manage the print process better.

We further provide a solution which ensures that you are adaptable and mobile when printing, as your printing job follows you.

B. User Behaviour Management
Much of the extra cost and time you incur in a business is due to incorrect user behaviour related to documents and printers. Nashua’s highly intelligent document management systems and managed print services approach ensures that users only print what they need to.
By helping you ensure that your devices are performing optimally, you will reduce the amount of ink and toner you use, as well as print far less documents.

Subsequently, this results in both substantially reduced operational costs, and a significantly reduced carbon footprint for your business.

C. Version Controlling
Nashua will ensure that valuable time and money is not wasted in your daily operations by providing version controlling software allowing documents to be tracked throughout the organisation on company servers. This increases efficiencies and effectiveness, and collaboration on company documents such as expense- and leave forms.

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Printing Device Range

Nashua has a wide range of industry leading office automation products, including multifunctional printing devices, colour laser printers, gel printers, wide format printers, duplicators, fax machines, and high volume printing devices.

Our products are adaptable enough for any business, and are infused with the latest state-of-the-art technology thanks to strategic partnerships with Ricoh International, HP, and Samsung.

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Optimum Solutions

Nashua is able to deliver solutions that are specified and optimally designed according to our customer’s needs. This array of services includes project management, due diligence, and implementation.

Through understanding the environment and requirements of our customer’s business, we are able to streamline their operations through the various levels of the company.

Thus, we are able to determine what products and services will provide the best fit for your company, and provide a costing comparison that relates to a solid return on investment.

Our asset management of capital investments is made over a period of time, including the procuring of printing devices and software.

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