Total Cost of Ownership Reporting

A closer look at costs makes for an indispensable TCO report

IMAGE: Scale showing decreasing costs

Efficient printing solutions require minimising costs while maintaining high output. With the help of Nashua printing specialists, your business can work smarter, not harder.

The relationship between client and business should be collaborative and professional, especially for developing an efficient print management strategy.

The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) report assists with developing the initial sale, and provides reports to present during scheduled reviews with the client.

A low TCO is a result of:

  • Affordable in-house document creation and therefore no need for outsourcing
  • Minimal maintenance results in a high duty cycle
  • Built-in duplexing which reduces paper consumption
  • A long yield of consumables leading to a low cost per print.

This meticulous analysis can be used to gauge the viability of the capital investment by giving a picture of the profitability over time. Hardware and software acquisition, management, support, communications, end-user expenses, training and other productivity losses are just some of the bases that are covered for a comprehensive TCO.

For the consumer

Purchase, repairs, maintenance and upgrades are just some of the fully burdened costs you need to be mindful of when assessing the TCO.

For the enterprise manager

A comprehensive TCO from Nashua can reveal fully burdened costs including service and support, networking, security, user training and software licensing which impact you directly.

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