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Alternative Energy Solutions

Scalable power solutions to help your business do more

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Our wide array of cost-effective solutions will enable you to keep your business operating, reduce your electricity costs, and significantly improve your company’s green footprint.

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Nashua provides a wide array of alternative energy solutions to keep your business running effectively and consistently. Whether you are looking for a simple back-up solution to cope with unplanned power outages or to reduce your electricity costs and lessen your impact on resources by moving your company partially or completely off-grid, we have the ideal scalable solution to suit your needs.

Our team will do a full assessment of your power requirements that’s right for your individual business needs, and your business’s future growth. Our goal is to provide solutions and support that will give you a solid and reliable platform for your business to compete efficiently and strategically.
We work with local and international best-of-breed suppliers to offer you award-winning solutions that are backed up by world-class support and maintenance.

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Backup Energy Solutions

Reliable power supply is something no business can do without. In today’s ever-changing environment your business needs a reliable, scalable back-up solution to ensure your continued productivity. We provide a range of small to large battery-based and generator solutions to suit every budget, providing you backup power when you need it.

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Grid-Tied Solar Energy Solutions

Over the years the cost of solar power equipment has decreased making it possible to generate power at a cost lower than the national grid. Our sunny South African climate is ideally suited to solar power generation, offering companies the opportunity to remove some reliance on the grid while reducing electricity costs and carbon footprints.We offer a variety of solar panel and Photovoltaic(PV) glass solutions that can be customised and scaled to your business requirements.

Interim Wireless Solution

Off-Grid Solar Energy Solutions

Completely removing reliance on the grid energy system is an involved and complex process but we are just the team to help you do it. Call us for a consultation and we will work with you to find the best possible solution for your needs.