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Nashua Off-grid Solar Energy Solutions

Alternative power solutions to free your business to do more

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Our scalable solar energy solutions make removing reliance on the grid system achievable.

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Completely removing reliance on the grid energy system is an involved and complex process but we are just the team to help you do it. Call us for a consultation and we will work with you to find the best possible solution for your needs.

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Features and benefits

  • Productivity isn’t affected during or planned or unplanned power outages
  • Seamless integration with Eskom/ City Power power supply to your alternate back-up supply ensures consistent power even when the grid goes down
  • Your standard of customer service can remain consistent during power outages, as internet and phone lines will not be affected
  • No upfront capital outlay, thanks to our tailor-made rental solutions
  • No impact on security systems (lights, alarms and fences) due to power outages
  • I.T. infrastructure is not impacted by power outages

Why choose Nashua as your partner?

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Complete Energy Audits

Using energy efficiently is the first step in reducing your costs and becoming energy independent. To start you on this journey, we will conduct an extensive energy audit, ensuring that we understand your energy needs and usage patterns so we can offer you world-class solutions that simplify and improve your power usage, lower your costs and supercharge your business performance.

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Unique Financing Options

New energy solutions can be a costly process in both capital and ongoing maintenance. We offer customised financing options that don’t require massive capital outlay to get you started.

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Ongoing Monitoring, Maintenance and Support

Alternative energy solutions can be complex, and you have other things to worry about. We provide all the ongoing maintenance and support of your equipment and systems to ensure your energy solution are kept running smoothly and efficiently.

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