Blanket Collection

| 24 June 2012

The Mini Council of Johannesburg collects blankets for charities every year and this year was no exception. It is not confirmed as to how many blankets were collected this year, however, the Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation received 272 to distribute to its charities.

The day of collection we were sent a sms to advise us to bring a trailer to load all the blankets that they were donating to the NCCF charities. We arrived at the collection point, only to realize that they really meant it.

A call to Bayley Worldwide transport and we were rescued. They sent a driver from their depot and loaded all the blankets into a vehicle and now have all the blankets safely in storage at their premises. They have also assisted with the first lot of deliveries to Soweto.

Once most of the charities have received their blankets the balance will be stored for Mandela Day on 18th July when we will be distributing groceries, clothing, toys, books as well as linen to another 10charities.

Words are not enough to express our thanks to the wonderful Mini Council team who collected an unprecedented quantity of blankets for this chilly winter.

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