Coronavirus (COVID-19) update: Putting your safety first with the latest facts.
October 28, 2021

Hikvision’s 2-wire video intercom is the ideal upgrade to your old doorbell system

Replacing your old door intercom system system can be intimidating, however, Hikvision is here to make things simple with its 2-wire video intercom system.
October 28, 2021

Why VoIP is vital for real estate agents

VoIP technology can give real estate agencies the needed features to be more productive and competitive. Learn more now.
October 28, 2021

4 Ways print management services maximise uptime and availability

Discover how print management services can protect your business from lost productivity when access to printer functions is disrupted.
October 18, 2021

Why you need CCTV with a low false alarm rate

Why should you make it a priority to install security cameras with a low false alarm rate? Here’s the answer, in this article.
October 14, 2021

Modernise invoicing with a document management system

Updating and modernising your invoicing is simple and trouble-free if you go with a document management system. With a host of advantageous features, the choice has never been easier.
October 13, 2021

4 ways a document management system improves collaboration

If enhancing collaboration in the workplace is on your list of resolutions, leveraging a document management system can help you achieve this goal.
September 30, 2021

How slow internet speeds hurt your business

Slow internet speeds is one of the most common problems businesses face, which can have bad consequences on productivity and profitability.
September 28, 2021

7 Signs your business will benefit from access control

If you identify with any one of the seven scenarios in this post, it might be a good time for you to invest in an access control system.
September 20, 2021

CCTV video analytics help retailers survive in tough times

Despite the day-to-day challenges posed by the pandemic, you can leverage smart video analytics to adapt or reinvent your retail business.