Nashua’s Cash Management Solution

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    Take your cash management to the next level

Even as the number of digital payment methods available to consumers continues to rise, cash is still king for most businesses. This fast turnover of cash coupled with the increase in fraudulent practices mean that now more than ever, businesses need to take proactive steps to ensure cash handling activities are accounted for and properly protected.

At Nashua, we understand the value of efficient and accurate cash management. That’s why we’ve combined our expertise with the state-of-the art technology from Giesecke and Devrient to bring you a cash management solution that offers full protection whilst simplifying cash processing.

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    Nashua’s cash management solution protects your bottom line

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currency management

Our digitally-enabled cash management solutions include both coin and note counting machines. They can be deployed in cash-accepting businesses of all sizes — from SMMEs, and informal traders to larger operations such as banks, casinos and large commercial cash centres.

Our solutions allow you to develop a proactive approach to cash management by detecting unfit, counterfeit, and stolen currency at the point of sale and preventing financial losses.

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Benefits of our cash management solution

1. Decreased labour costs

The cash management system counts notes much faster than any human. Increases productivity and saves time thanks to the system’s automatic start and stop function..

2. Reduced internal cash shrinkage

The system offers accurate results fast which means no more currency counting mistakes or unnoticed abnormalities, which save your business from unnecessary losses.

3. Accurate counterfeit detection

Our coin and note counting machines are equipped with sensors that easily and accurately pick up fake currency, which are likely to occur in the case of human counting.

4. Note fitness

When fraudulent, damaged, or unusable notes are placed into the machine, it immediately alerts the operator, thus preventing the further circulation of unfit money.

Secure your company’s financial stability

Our cash management solution removes the fear, uncertainty and doubt from on-site cash processing. If you’re ready to make the process safer and more efficient, get in touch with Nashua today. We’ll set up a meeting to discuss how we can keep your business one step ahead of financial threats.