Charities Shopping

| 6 June 2010

On Saturday 9th July, the Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation shopped for 11 charities which included groceries – perishable and non-perishable, toiletries, cleaning materials  and educational goods. This is a monthly undertaking with a group of volunteers who join in to assist with the shopping.

More than often, besides the actual shopping that we do, we receive goods that are donated to our charities. This month it was with thanks to the Johannesburg Mini Council that we were able to disburse 1000 scarves. Dischem donated a number of items and Nashua Limited added to the giving with a quantity of stationery and many boxes of liquifruit juices.

One of our charities, Xintimani was proud to send us a picture of them enjoying a meal that as a result of the groceries that they received from NCCF.

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