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A Connected Workspace

In today’s cutting-edge workspace, the performance, security, and reliability of your network matter more than ever. An increase in capacity demand and smarter ways of working are driving the need for high-quality connectivity in your business. When you partner with us, we can deploy a completely connected, always-on experience for your team.

We work with all types of businesses – from SMEs to corporations, from schools to restaurants, from hospitals to factories. Whatever the nature of your organisation, our connectivity experts will go out of their way to understand your needs and develop a connectivity solution tailored to your business size, current requirements, and future goals.


Seamlessly connect your team and devices, ensuring uninterrupted productivity. Fast, reliable, and secure – experience the power of seamless communication and collaboration, backed by Nashua’s trusted service.

fibre internet

Nashua Fibre is a scalable data and voice solution for businesses that need fast, high-performing, and robust connectivity to power their most critical applications. Whether you’re utilising productivity software or performing cloud-based tasks, our tailor-made solutions encompass a number of redundancy options, which means more secure uptime for your business. You also get total peace of mind with a 24/7 Network Operations Centre and Helpdesk.


As a trusted wireless internet provider, Nashua can deliver reliable, high-speed wireless internet that supports the evolving needs of your business. We work closely with all of our clients – from preparation to installation to support, using our wireless internet solutions to tailor a connectivity package that fits the requirements of your business just right.


VoIP offers cost-effective, high-quality voice communication over the internet. Seamlessly integrate voice and data to foster collaboration and efficiency. Enjoy crystal-clear calls, advanced features, and the flexibility to stay connected whether in the office or on the go.


When you choose Nashua as your service provider, you can be confident that your voice network will have the performance and reliability your business needs to keep your workforce connected and productive. Our PBX systems complement our range of voice offerings to provide an all-in-one business voice offering that meets the demands of the modern office. As with our other workspace solutions, all voice equipment we offer is from trusted manufacturers and of high-quality.

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Nashua brings the pieces of your network together with enterprise-grade connectivity solutions that include an internet connection and business telephone systems. Our solutions are backed by 24/7 monitoring and IT support to ensure you maintain increased levels of productivity and efficiency. Let’s work together towards driving your business forward with reliable business phone and internet solutions.