Delegate. Schedule time for reading, me-time

| 29 August 2014

This article originally appeared on Moneyweb.

CEO of Eduloan Totsie Memela

Fighting her own tendency to “dig in and do stuff that is not my job anymore” is CEO of Eduloan, Totsie Memela’s top tip with regards to time management.

Memela is from an operational background, and says she has to fight her own nature to do things herself instead of delegating tasks to other staff members. “Delegating is something we take for granted, but it is linked to proper communication and understanding people’s strengths,” she says.

“Your CFO does not necessarily have only financial skills, for example. You have to know what people get excited about.

“When delegating, one should properly communicate what is expected, the timeline and also the standard expected. I find it is beginning to work, but you have to remind yourself to delegate if you are wired in a particular way, or you will be operating at the wrong level for your job description.”

She believes in committing time to reading. It is important, “because there are so many things that we have to understand in our jobs”, she says.

On the private side, she says it is important to schedule down-time. “We also need me-time.” Her morning walk is part and parcel of her daily schedule.

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