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On-The-Fly Scalability for Businesses

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Rental and Purchase

When it comes down to budget for ICT expenditure and the needs of your business, one thing is for sure; your business can benefit from having the latest technology, and the edge that will give you over your competitors.

In the current era of disintermediation and dis-ownership, purchasing technology hardware is a thing of the past. In the future, most products will be delivered As-A-Service or subscription.

Nashua’s structured and flexible rental or purchase solutions are tailored to your business, enabling more flexibility and agility. In addition, a rental option will help your cash flow and safeguard against obsolete equipment. Talk to the Nashua team today about a rental financing and asset lifecycle management solution that will cover all your needs.

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Equipment Rental

Nashua’s structured and flexible in-house solution and equipment rental solutions make business sense in a rapidly changing world. This enables on-the-fly scalability for businesses, no matter what your needs.


  • Pay as you use. Includes installation, maintenance and other services. 
  • More convenient – a one-stop-shop with a single monthly invoice
  • No up-front capital outlays
  • Income statement expense rather than capital outlay
  • Free up funds to be spent on other items
  • Manage the risks associated with equipment ownership
  • Simple, predictable cash-flow planning with fixed monthly payments
  • More tax-efficient
  • More scalable to grow with your business
  • Simpler and quicker approach to equipment decision-making
  • Stay up-to-date with technology in a rapidly obsolescent world

Equipment Outright Purchase

We, at Nashua, know that sometimes you may just want to purchase your equipment outright. Purchasing equipment will appeal to you if you want full control over its usage and maintenance. You decide when to have it serviced, and how long to keep it. There is no contract detailing how it should be used, because it is your property. If your requirements are relatively small and you have the cash, you could save money in the long run.


  • Ownership
  • Less paperwork
  • May be cheaper in the long run
  • No monthly expenditure after up-front payment
  • Depreciation deduction
  • Entire cost is tax deductible