Fun Day at Sun City

| 6 June 2010

On Saturday 4 June a group of children and their care-givers from Ubuhle Bezwe were given the opportunity to visit Sun City.

The breakfast muffins and goody bags on the bus were provided by Nashua North East.

On arrival at the Sun City stables, there was a quick tour and brief chat about horses, each child was lead astride a horse around the arena. The smiles grew wider and wider as the experience unfolded. Thereafter the group headed up to the Sun Terrace for lunch. A buffet delight awaited the children with so much to choose from that they didn’t know what to pile on to their plates. The main course was followed by an array of sweet desserts and then it was the short walk down to the Cabanas for the next part of the fun.

Executive Chef Andrew and his team were on hand to welcome us and to pair the girls and boys into teams for the stir fry cook -off. What a lot of fun with cheering and dancing to egg the winning team on. The task completed and their cooking skills honed, it was on to the pastry decorating. The chefs had baked a cup cake and gingerbread biscuit for each child to decorate and after a quick demonstration each child added their own icing and toppings.

Thereafter everyone enjoyed some minestrone soup and cold drinks, before the entire group sang and danced their way out of the complex, armed with balloons to the bus.

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