The ability to control who enters the building at any point is critically important for the safety of your employees and building assets.

Access Control

ViRDi Access Control, offered by Nashua, uses biometric technology in the form of user-friendly fingerprint or facial recognition systems to offer businesses a higher level of security. The technology eliminates distortion problems of existing optical sensors and is capable of processing dry and wet fingerprints.

The ViRDi Access Control Solution includes a range of intelligent terminals/controllers and management software to address the requirements of large, medium and small enterprises. ViRDi’s access solutions replace conventional keys and passwords with fingerprints, face recognition and RF cards for improved convenience and security. ViRDi is ideal for any need, from a simple single-door access solution to a large corporate solution for hundreds of access areas.

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ViRDi Biometric Technology

Biometric fingerprint and facial recognition allows for comprehensive access control. The system can leverage existing employee demographic data to reduce manual entry steps for improved convenience and security. The biometric readers are available in different specifications, depending on your needs, and are ideal for SMEs and residential markets.
The technology includes low to high-end terminals that perform fingerprint and face recognition access control, and time recording for both indoor and outdoor applications.

ViRDi Readers and Scanners

Nashua offers an extensive range of indoor and outdoor readers, standalone terminals and USB take-on readers.

The effective surveillance hardware reads proximity and Mifare cards and detects live and fake fingerprints. The slave readers use on-board intelligence of the paired biometric terminals for fingerprint verification and identification.

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