Is your communication good for business?

| 7 September 2017

By David Brooks, Nashua ISP and Connectivity Product Manager

Despite younger generations’ tendency to eschew phone calls in their personal time, effective communication and conversation remains critical to business. Internally and externally, the importance of low-cost and high-quality telephony services – integrated with connectivity – can’t be underestimated. And when choosing a service provider to match these expectations, you’re no longer limited to a few sub-par services.

New and innovative service providers offer everything from pre-paid voice via IP-enabled PBX devices for hyper-monitoring of costs, to voice and data packages specifically tailored for SMEs and large corporates. You should be able to tailor-make the perfect package for your business. One that boosts productivity and makes communication easier than ever before.

Make talk cheap
Where once business costs were rent, phones and fax machines, the variety and expense of technology in modern offices is as expansive as it is beneficial. This means the mandate for office and procurement managers is implacable cost reduction. Furthermore, the range of office technology also drives the need for integrated, one-stop solutions.

High standards for low cost
The flexibility of voice and data packages tailored to specific business needs is endless. Remote access and communication from anywhere in the world, at any time. Virtual meetings and conference calls for increased collaboration – without the requisite (and often awkward) time delay that brings conversation to a stand-still.

Multiple connected devices preclude the need for different numbers in different time-zones, for different functions. The smartest voice solutions also prevent any call being missed – a must in increasingly competitive environments.

Customers’ standards and expectations of service delivery are sharply increasing – and staff complements are shrinking. No business can afford not to offer comprehensive communication, that never misses a lead.

Customer-first solutions
Nashua has always designed solutions with the customer at the core. Voice and data offerings are no different. Ongoing feedback from customers to reduce costs had led to the development and roll-out of several unique services.

Nashua Voice SIP, for example, is a pre-paid method of routing calls via the internet to the network. Clients deposit funds into their account and all charges for calls, monthly fees and setups are offset from the account. The pre-paid limits are monitored and notifications sent to the client at various intervals, notifying them of their account balance. This way, clients under pressure to drive down costs can set aside a monthly budget and remain hyper-vigilant of spend.

Boost business, big and small
Working closely with customers has also afforded us the insight that SMEs, particularly, track spend closely whilst trying to drive growth. It’s from these insights that Nashua Voice SME was designed. This bespoke offering includes competitive rates and supports geographic number porting, while still offering always-on support.

Nashua Voice Enterprise, in the same way, was specifically designed for corporates, effectively scaling the same product and service, for larger enterprises.

Looking to boost communication – internally and externally – whilst still driving down costs? It’s possible. As in any successful enterprise, it’s about finding the right partner. One who takes the time to understand the deep complexities of your business and what it needs to flourish – and then designs a solution accordingly.

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