Learn to say “no”

| 6 August 2014

Lynette NtuliAs a young businesswoman with a growing reputation in South Africa, Lynette Ntuli, the chief executive officer of Innate Investment Solutions, has an increasing amount of pressure on her time.

When asked  how she went about managing her time, and what tips she had to share, she responded:

“Time is my most precious commodity, and the demand on it by my core responsibilities does mean that I have had to become better at using the word ‘no’.

“I have found that my productivity improves when I give myself a meeting-free Monday to start the week and the planning for it, as well as one other day (or half a day) in the week to manage the actual tasks. I eliminate random meetings without an agenda or specific outcome.”

One of the big issues facing many business executives is the use of technology in the world and using it to improve their productivity.

“Technology is my friend, and I am always wired to work remotely and access files and information as quickly as possible on the least number of devices. It also helps to understand when your mind and body work best at particular tasks – late at night or early mornings, before or after gym, with coffee or without certain foods – and then fashion your schedule and outputs to match this.”

This article originally appeared on Moneyweb.

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