Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation opens heart for 2 864 Limpopo children

| 17 September 2012

Nashua Limited’s dedicated corporate social investment arm, the Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation, recently helped make a considerable difference in the lives of over 2 000 children, through the implementation of numerous vegetable gardens in Limpopo.

The Foundation, together with Nashua Limpopo and volunteers from The Lonely Road Foundation,v isited the Ga-Dikgale area in Limpopo to set up 64 vegetable gardens for 16 drop-in centres, using the Reel Gardening method developed by Claire Reed.

This gardening method produces a handmade vegetable planting strip made from biodegradable paper. Each vegetable strip is water-soluble, contains fertiliser and non-modified seeds, and includes a set of seed growing factors to maximise the germination rate.

The Reel Gardening team provided training to the volunteers, focusing on key agricultural skills, and on how to manage the process of harvest cycles.

The gardens will subsequently ensure that the centres have a sustainable source of food for 2 864 indigent children, and will also significantly help the centres to extend aid to more children, as the need continues to grow.

The Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation had previously visited the centres in June, and supplied nearly R100 000 worth of food supplies. The initiative to provide the vegetable gardens was motivated by the realisation that the food supplies would sustain the centres for two months only.

Foundation Director Helen Fraser notes that these gardens will sustain the centres well into the future.

“Nashua believes in providing long term and sustainable solutions for communities, and it is for this reason that we came back to Ga-Dikgale to set up these gardens. Subsequently, these gardens will offer a renewable source of food for the centres, and empower the volunteers to nurture these gardens, which will provide much needed sustenance for the community.”

The Foundation provides more than 100 000 meals per month, with a minimum of two meals per day, to approximately 4 000 children. The Foundation also purchases cleaning material and toiletries for various charities as part of its sustainable living projects, and treats children to assorted outings.

The Foundation further places tremendous importance on educational development through the provision of school uniforms, stationery, transportation, and assistance with school fees.

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