Nashua Franchise Awards 2013

| 31 October 2013

On Saturday 26 October the Nashua Franchise Awards for 2013 were announced at Langham Place, Hong Kong. Congratulations to everyone, and thank you for working to make Nashua the best it can be.

Special Performance: Nashua Botswana

Our special performance award for 2013 goes to a very deserving franchise – they have taken an area and made it their own. When it comes to the expression we own this town or in their case country, they certainly fit that bill, they are dedicated customer focused and always prepared to go the extra mile. This franchise has significantly improved their financial position with Nashua Limited. The special performance award for 2013 goes to Nashua Botswana.

Software Solutions 2nd: Nashua Cape Town

In second place for solutions in 2013 we have a franchise that has taken the initiative in the solutions space; they have implemented some impressive rollouts in the educational environment, and they support the Curry Cup. Congratulations Nashua Cape Town!

Software Solutions 1st: Nashua Central

Our solutions business is a critical part of the future long-term success we are building, and planning many activities aimed at enhancing this business, so that we can move from being a product-led organisation to a services-led one. This franchise is always an early adopter, always looking for better and more efficient solutions for their customers, and it therefore gives us great pleasure to announce that Nashua Central as the winners of the Solutions Award for 2013.

Multifunction 2nd: Nashua Central

Multifunction second place was awarded to Nashua Central, who have once again done a fantastic job in this space.

Multifunction 1st: Nashua Zululand

Nashua Zululand has done an exceptional job in the Multifunction category and deserves this award.

Printers 2nd:Nashua East Rand

In second position with regards to printers, we have a franchise that is always willing to put their best forward; thank you Nashua East Rand.

Printers 1st: Nashua Cape Town

In the Printer Category we would like to acknowledge the effort and dedication put into moving our printers. Well done to the team at Nashua Cape Town!

ProAct Award: Nashua Central

The ProAct Award is new, but we felt that is was necessary include, for those who have adopted the ProAct philosophy and actively made an effort to ensure that all of their devices are linked and monitored at all times. Congratulations to Nashua Central for winning this prestigious award.

Most-Improved Franchise: Nashua South Coast

The Most-Improved Franchise of the year again goes to someone who has not been in this business for very long, but has done an outstanding job in maintaining and improving upon the existing structures that were available. Great job on the outstanding job you guys have done, Nashua South Coast.

Franchise of the Year 3rd: Nashua Limpopo

In third position we have a franchise that has fairly recently been taken over by new management. They have shown great tenacity and will in getting the business profitable, ensuring that their customers’ interests are always served, and most importantly, always adopting our new technologies and ideas with vigour and enthusiasm. Congratulations Nashua Limpopo!

Franchise of the Year Second: Nashua Central

Once again this franchise has proven that with excellent systems, good leadership, and a dedication to doing the right thing at the right time, you can always succeed. They embrace our solutions business, drive our printer sales, and inspire those that work for them: Nashua Central.

Franchise of the Year: Nashua Zululand

This franchise has over the years consistently delivered in all areas of the business. They have always sought to be innovative and creative in their business approach, capitalising on the full array of products that the Nashua Group has to offer, and this, coupled with a total team approach, has led to great success. Well done Nashua Zululand!

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