Nashua introduces revolutionary projector

| 7 February 2013

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Projectors have certainly come a long way from the traditional ones that needed a completely dark room and had to be positioned from distance. Then one had to mount them on a ceiling and users had to put up with a noisy fan. Let’s face it; it’s a mission to set up a projector.

The latest buzzword in projectors is short throw. This amazing technology allows you to project a big picture from a very small space.

Nashua together with Ricoh has boosted their business product by introducing these one of the world’s lightest short throw projectors to the South African market.

It uses a sophisticated mirror technology to project high quality images from as close at 11.7 cm.

The key with these projectors is portability and flexibility. You can take them anywhere and you don’t need to take a screen either.

The projectors, which are the size of a big toaster, weigh just 3 kg and have a start-up time of just 3 seconds. With a resolution of the 1,280 x 800, and brightness of 2 500 lumens, they pack quite a bit of image punch for their size.

The embedded intelligent technology automatically adjusts colour correction and balance to suit the environment you are in, especially useful if you have a wall that may not be white or a room that has more light for example.

They are ideal for schools that need to take projectors from classroom to classroom, companies who need to make presentations out the office and even restaurants who need to broadcast special sports events.

During presentations the quality was impressive and text came out very clearly, but what took the test team by surprise was the quality of video.

It was crisp, colour balance was good, sure it won’t be a high definition television, but to be able to get an 80 inch image projected from such a short distance at that quality is impressive.

The feature that I absolutely love is the “magnify” button, you literally press the button when you want to highlight something in a presentation and the image size is blown up on the screen.

Another cool feature is the iPad integration with the wireless projector. Users can download the Tamago Presenter app that allows you to use an iPad to control a presentation and share PDF material with up to 10 other iPads.

Two models will be available on the Nashua network; the PJWX4130 and the PJWX4130N. They both have the same basic features except the PJWX4130N has both wired and wireless network connectivity. It also has a USB port to allow enable users to make PC-free presentations plus it has a few other extras in the device management.

The Nashua Ultra Short Throw projectors start at R16 400 and you can find them on Nashua’s brand new eCommerce store here.

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