Nashua launches game-changing printing software

| 22 March 2016


For commercial and high-volume printers, cutting costs and saving time is essential. Working against tight deadlines with reduced staff and juggling multiple outputs with different print specs is an altogether daunting task. There’s a need for seamless storage and integration of prints to make the process simpler. Which is why Nashua is excited to announce the launch of a comprehensive, flexible and market-leading new software solution, TotalFlow.

Beginning with the end in mind

TotalFlow has been designed with commercial print and high-volume printing operations front-of-mind. It’s made up of a portfolio of four different management solutions – Prep, Path, Print Manager and Production Manager. These integrated solutions work together to provide intelligent connectivity between applications, increased customer value and time-saving, from the start of a print job to its conclusion.

TotalFlow Prep

TotalFlow Prep provides quick, simple, visual file preparation for word documents, PDFs, and ID files. It’s also able to edit and prepare content in multiple PDF files, files that are out of order or missing information such as covers, tabs and finishing options. Scanned content is easily integrated and cuts time on preparing files that could affect scheduling and deadlines. It is suitable for smaller businesses with up to nine employees and is both time and cost effective when it comes to simplifying the preparation process.

TotalFlow Path

TotalFlow Path essentially creates a software backbone that enables digital print connectivity and business-wide integration. By eliminating human touch points and the manual entry of data, it reduces the capacity for error. Digital print workflow elements are automated, including manual tasks, prepress and VDP, and automation is rules based, using conditional logic.

Customers who will benefit from TotalFlow Path are those currently working with manual processes, and who would see better results from automation, as it intelligently connects islands of technology allowing for future growth, increased page volume and ultimately, a more profitable operation.

TotalFlow Print Manager and TotalFlow Production Manager

This software simplifies and consolidates control over the entire printing environment. It does this by organising production scheduling and reprinting, which allows for balanced workloads by finding the printer which can complete the job in the least amount of time.

It’s also able to minimise media changes and submit PDF jobs via the web, as well as enable integration between print, MIS and business applications which can take place via TotalFlow Path. Moreover, the software provides for visual ticketing – the WYSIWYG interface for preview and job setting control which is available throughout.

Making business easier

Although Nashua has a strong legacy in printing, the launch of TotalFlow is an important milestone in the company’s journey as a leading-edge holistic business solutions provider.

“TotalFlow is so much more than just software – it’s a sign of things to come for Nashua, and South African businesses as a whole,” says Nashua CEO Mark Taylor. “Companies no longer want just software, they want solutions that genuinely make their work lives simpler, allowing them to complete projects with fewer resources, in less time, and make more money. For commercial and high-volume printers, this is that solution.”

For more information on Nashua’s TotalFlow software offering, visit Follow @NashuaLTD on Twitter and Nashua on Facebook for insights into forward-thinking business solutions and the software behind them.

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