Nashua launches powerful protection for black-out and lightning damage

| 9 September 2016


The South African electricity grid is under increasing pressure due to high demand, leading to widespread power issues. To protect South African homes, offices and factories from the potential dangers of power cuts, Nashua now offers basic and total electronics protection.

This comprehensive cover includes lightning protectors which safeguard equipment, recover lost information from power disturbances and provide all-round protection for TVs, phones and machines. There are two kinds of protection available from Nashua:

Basic protection
This offering provides industrial, commercial and domestic owners of electronic apparatus with protection against the damaging effects of power surges. These power surges could be a result of lightning, inconsistent voltage supply or other forms of irregular over-or under-power supply.

Under basic protection Nashua provides surge protectors, voltage stabilisers and regulators that protect power, telecommunications, security, CCTV and consumer appliances.

Total protection
Total protection guards expensive and sensitive technology against the damaging effects of power disturbances while still giving businesses the tools they need to predict, measure, and maximise the performance of assets. This state-of-the-art product protects against surges, sags, overage, brownouts and outages.

Traditional protectors don’t protect equipment from the vast majority of events that threaten the safety of electronic assets. Nashua’s total protection, however, offers proven solutions to protect, optimise and manage assets.

This lightning protection also extends the life of electronic equipment, increases performance and improves all-round customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

For more information about Nashua lightning and power protection, call (011) 232 8000 or email

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