Nashua Limited’s new marketing campaign encourages you to get your game on

| 12 March 2012

Nashua Limited today launched their new marketing campaign, which showcases how their office solutions can help you have more fun in the office.

“Nashua understands that we all live in a time focussed community and that time is a precious commodity. However, we also know that you don’t want to spend all your time busy with mundane tasks that our office automation solutions could be doing for you,” explains David Hallas, Marketing Director of Nashua Limited.

“In light of this, we approached our advertising agency, DoJo119 to come up with an effective and humorous campaign that would show customers how Nashua saves you time, saves you money and puts you first – by giving you Smarter Office Solutions.”

The new series of television adverts introduces four games that one can play at the office now that Nashua solutions are helping companies to be more cost and time efficient. Employees are encouraged to play a round of Water Cooler Roulette or Sticky Note Touches the next opportunity that they find time on their hands. And for the very brave heart, there is a lively game of Boss Tennis to be learnt.

“Nashua has a rich history of memorable commercials – everyone remembers the boy photocopying his Valentine’s letters and our “push button” advert. So we needed to make sure that this new campaign also stood out. We believe that humour will not only help us differentiate Nashua from our competitors but also bring back the warmth and sense of wit we were known for. Plus, if you can make someone laugh, there is an immediate emotional connection with them, and anything you say beyond that is going to be more meaningful,” explains Hallas.

The online versions of the commercials have also proved to be highly successful, with 119 hits to Nashua’s new YouTube channel within the first twenty minutes of launch.

With their state-of-the-art solutions and now the new marketing campaign, there is no doubt that Nashua is proving yet again that they are committed to offering their customers the best when it comes to their office automation solutions.

Hallas concludes, “We are very excited about the new campaign that we believe will further entrench Nashua in the minds of South Africans. We look forward to seeing how offices around the country get their game on!”

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