Nashua’s Children’s Charity Foundation demonstrates true CSI commitment

| 19 October 2012

The Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation’s (NCCF) firm commitment to improving the lives of underprivileged children in need was firmly demonstrated recently, when over one day, the organisation paid a visit to nine of its supported charities.

The visited charities, which are located in and around Gauteng, included Thusanang, Sandtu, Thiba Tlala, Thembelenkosini, Villa of Hope, Orlando Children’s Home, Ratanang Cerebral Palsy Centre, Lorentzville Day Care and Hugh’s Haven.

NCCF Director Helen Fraser notes that these visits proved to be highly successful, with each charity welcoming the volunteers with open arms, and some even breaking into song and dance to welcome the foundation.

Importantly, she adds, these visits also provided the charities an opportunity to place requests for areas in which they are currently experiencing resource shortfalls.

A relevant example of this is in Slovoville at the Sandtu HIV/AIDS Relief Centre, which receives no government funding, and struggles to adequately feed the children in the home. Subsequently, the NCCF immediately agreed to sponsor groceries for the month, as well as pots and ladles, plates and spoons.

Another heart-warming story was  heard at the Thusanang HIV/AIDS relief organisation, which does not receive a grant to feed 300 children one meal per day, and noted that Nashua had proved to be a ‘life-saver’ in supplementing this grocery shortfall.

The Lorentzville Day Care, which is run by qualified teachers, was also able to receive valuable help, after asking for assistance with the provision of material such as chairs, a black board, and story books, which the NCCF will purchase when they receive their final grocery shop for 2012 in November.

Fraser concludes that the NCCF will continue supporting these charities in order to uplift the lives of these children.

“While the NCCF has made great strides in helping improve the lives of children in need, there is still so much more that needs to be done. As such, we will continue to support these charities, and strive to ensure that these children are ultimately offered the necessary support that allows them to flourish in their lives, and contribute valuably to South African society.”


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