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Nashua Children’s
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Community upliftment through the
Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation (NCCF).

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Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation

Core to our vision and mission is the support of South African children’s organisations and community upliftment through the Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation (NCCF).

The NCCF is the brainchild of long-term Nashua employee Helen Fraser, who has been managing Nashua’s corporate social responsibility since 2006. The NCCF provides groceries and educational assistance to a large number of charities, including school uniforms, school bags, stationery and educational equipment. In addition, the foundation helps with building and renovations, the supply of bunk beds, mattresses and linen, and treats charities to sponsored outings and entertainment.

We are proud to be associated with the charities we support, and to work with men and women who have dedicated their lives to making South Africa a better place for its future leaders.

NCCF Partner Program

Enabling continuous community upliftment through our partners’ generous support.

Upcoming events

The Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation is devasted to inform you that our 30th annual golf tournament is cancelled due to the pandemic. A loss of more than R500K to the NCCF is a serious knock, but we need to be realistic in terms of the current situation.

Our 30th Annual Golf Tournament will now take place on Wednesday 5th May 2021 and we hope that with an economic upturn, we will be able to implore our generous golfers and sponsors to make this event the success our children need it to be.

The NCCF is an organisation that goes beyond CSI but rather makes it their mandate to assist with charities, not for the benefit of the organisation, but rather because they have a genuine desire to give back and make other people’s lives better. You may not see news stories on TV and in the newspapers about the selfless deeds the NCCF carry out on a continual basis, but on any given day, Helen and her team can be found in townships all over the country doing what they can to make South Africa a better place.

NCCF Partners

The NCCF has seen a lot of support come from our generous partners in the form of NCCF Golf Day sponsorships, charity supply donations, underwear donations, to name but a few. We want to thank our partners for their generosity and dedication.

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The NCCF team and Mondi teamed up for the We Care initiative. For every ream of Mondi Nashua wrap or Rotatrim wrap purchased, a portion of the funds will be donated to the NCCF to help ensure that every child under the care of the Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation will not go without food.
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Makro Woodmead has continuously supported the NCCF charities by partnering up for the monthly charity grocery shop. Their contribution goes a long way in enriching the quality of lives for the charities supported by the NCCF by ensuring that their basic needs are met.
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Dischem Woodmead’s contribution of defect/damaged stock has gone a long way in ensuring that the children supported by the NCCF have access to essentials such as baby diapers.
pnp 01
As one of the NCCF’s biggest donors, Pick n Pay Woodmead donates huge quantities of sell by date produce, clothing, linen, nappies and household goods to the organisation as well as sponsoring the annual Mandela Day party. Pick n Pay Woodmead also sponsors the annual Xmas party with gifts for a different NCCF charity every year as well as sponsoring the lunch packs and goody bags for the annual City Sightseeing outing.
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As one of our sponsors, Uber’s contribution and support goes a long way in assisting the NCCF in transporting our teams on the monthly visits to the charities assisted by the NCCF.
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Jetline continues to support the NCCF through their generous contribution towards the NCCF’s printing needs.
Nandos 01
As one of our generous sponsors, Nandos makes a huge difference by treating the NCCF children to regular lunches at their various franchises. Each lunch is made extra special with platters of extra chips, lollies, sweet hampers and a lunch party unlike anything our NCCF children have ever seen.
Monte 01
Montecasino Bird Gardens hosts the NCCF children ever year for World Aids Day and treats them to the wonders that the Gardens has to offer such as the Flight of Fantasy show and so much more.
sun city 01
By hosting our NCCF children to day outings throughout the year, Sun City’s generosity has put countless smiles on our children’s faces.
city sightseeing 01
Thank you to City Sightseeing Joburg for providing annual open bus sight seeing tours to our NCCF children. The safe, fun and educational environment they provide makes seeing Joburg’s top attractions a fun day for all our NCCF children involved.
gold reef city 01
A day at Gold Reef City is a day of guaranteed fun for our NCCF children and thanks to the generosity of Gold Reef City this is an annual day that our children can look forward to.
Hyatt 01
The Hyatt Regency Johannesburg generously hosts the annual Nashua Children's Charity Foundation caregivers lunch, ensuring that the lunch is a splendid affair for our hardworking caregivers. As one of our generous sponsors, the Hyatt Regency Johannesburg also makes annual donations of prizes for the NCCF Golf Day as well as donating linen to the NCCF assisted charities.
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With the outbreak of COVID-19, South Africa, its people, and its economy are facing an even more challenging time. Unwilling to stand back and do nothing, RadixTrie combined their collective resources to make a difference. And so #howcanwehelpSA was born with the NCCF being top on the list in the journey to a healthy SA.

2019 NCCF Golf Day Sponsors

A big thank you to all our 2019 NCCF Golf Day sponsors. Without their generous donations we would not have raised as much money for the Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation, which supports in excess of 75 charities.

2019 Mandela Day Sponsors

Our sponsors are the backbone of the NCCF and with the efforts of our sponsors, this Mandela Day we were able to donate in excess of R400 000 in goods to the charities who together care for almost 5000 children.

Become a sponsor

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a network of generous partners to enable the NCCF to uplift the charities supported by the organisation. Each and every one of our partners’ contribution has made an immense difference to the childrens’ lives and to ensuring that no child supported by the Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation goes to bed hungry. However, the work is never done. The Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation is always in need of support. If you and your organisation wish to get involved there are many ways in which to do so.

If you want to contribute to the charities, click on the link below to go through to ForGood to see how you can contribute to the current areas that are in need of support and donation. If you would like to get involved with one of our days or make a contribution, please contact Helen Fraser, Operations Director of the NCCF.

Helen Fraser
Operations Director
[email protected]

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