NCCF Charity Visit 14 July

| 16 July 2012

Firstly a big thank you to all those who came along to assist with our monthly grocery shop. We cannot accomplish this huge task without all of you giving up 2 hours on a Saturday morning once a month.

We left Makro in our Budget loan vehicle and began our travels through the townships accompanied byNashua’s M.D. Dave Coutinho and his family. We do hope that the efforts of The Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation and the difference that we are making, has given Dave a good idea of what his support and that of theNashuacompanies that have committed themselves to the NCCF mean to so many children.

We were met with a group of smiling toddlers at our first stop, Kgopelo Day Care, where these little ones made a speech toNashuaand sang to us. The 20 children are looked after in a dilapidated house with dangerous electrical connections, no proper ablution facilities, but plenty of love and care from their teachers. We were all given gifts of cushions made by the care givers who are trying to raise additional income for the centre. Our contracted builder will begin work on the home shortly.

The 215 children who receive day and after care, homework supervision, counseling and a much needed daily meal, welcomed us as we drove into Thuthukani Care Centre. This very well run and well cared for facility is in much need of educational equipment for their toddler day care center which we will supply. The NCCF will also continue assisting with grocery purchases.

On to Thusong Children’s Home at the request of Pick ‘n Pay Woodmead who asked if we could assist them in support of this home that was in dire straits. With 15 resident children and 20 in day care, they have no food, desperately need warm clothing, beds, heating, secure property fencing, toilet repairs and cupboards. The NCCF will be ordering 5 bunk beds and 10 mattresses for delivery to Thusong as soon as possible. We will be doing a grocery shop as well as purchasing a track suit, takkies and underwear for each child, a heater for the home and we will be requesting our builder to visit the property to assess their needs.

Ubuhle Bezwe has received support from NCCF for the past 4 years and we continue to supply them with bi-monthly groceries, clothing shopping sprees and other outings. The most pressing problem they have is the number of children housed, as the home cannot adequately accommodate the 45 children currently living there with a further 7 day care children. Barbra finds it hard to say no to any destitute child and has recently had another baby placed in her care. In addition a young girl arrived with her tiny twins seeking shelter until the end of the year.

Bambi Care is a well-run day care centre with excellent pre-school education provided by Maureen who is a qualified teacher. The little house is a happy place for these children who have fun in and outdoors, but would like a small trampoline to add to their exercise programme. Their fridge does not work and is used as a cupboard, so we will be replacing that. Their other needs are for a microwave oven, 2 plate stove, heater, kettle, cutlery, bowls and mugs all of which will be purchased by the NCCF.

Our final stop was at Deflire Child Care where 35 children are housed and cared for by Jacky and her team of volunteers. Her major problem is that dumped babies are regularly dropped off at the home by the police and she currently has 2 new babies, just 2 weeks old to tend to. She is known in the community for having taken in the “handbag baby” and has both the bag and newspaper article as evidence of where this chubby toddler began her life. Jacky urgently needs a proper kettle as well as 2 large tubs to bath the children in as there is no bathroom in the home. The NCCF will of course supply these items.

Our final visit for 2012 to charities that we assist will be on 1st September and we welcome all those who would like to join us and to see what your support is doing for these children.

Click here to contact the NCCF if you would like to help.


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