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Connect, Collaborate, Protect and Store

More computing power means a more productive workspace. Nashua provides the most cutting-edge ICT services and solutions, ranging from hardware and software to end-point security; remote monitoring and management to accessories, giving your business the technological foundation to grow and thrive.

In this era of digital transformation in the workplace, Nashua understands that strategic ICT planning is not only about the adoption of digital tools and processes. It should also consider remote workforces, how teams work together, and having access to maintenance and support services. That’s why the Three C’s – Computing, Connecting and Collaborating – critically defines our ICT offering.

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Innovative Real-Time Fleet Management Solution

Computer hardware

Get set up with high capability and durable hardware, including central processing units, networking equipment, and storage, supplied by the world’s leading hardware brands.

Computer software

Let your workforce effectively manage and organise tasks with a productivity suite, which comes standard with hardware purchases. Enable better team input and collaboration with the most up to date features and functionalities from Office 365.

Data security

Through an advanced augmented defence and a unified management experience, Nashua provides a holistic end-point security solution that safeguards your digital assets from a range of potentially harmful and costly attacks.

Remote Monitoring & Management

Through a unified view of your IT environment performance, our pro-active RMM solution enables us to track and manage IT assets, automate processes across connected data sources, simplify service delivery, and optimise asset usage and lifecycle so you can enjoy more uptime.

Computing accessories

Must-have computer gadgets and gear to ensure your teams stay productive – whether they’re at the office or on the go. Screens, wireless keyboards and mouses, laptop bags, docking stations, notebook power banks – we have the accessories you need to keep everyone organised, prepared and equipped to work conveniently.

Working closely with our clients, we carefully analyse their current and future ICT needs to determine the most appropriate solution and capabilities needed to support their technology plan and objectives.

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