Nashua PROC9500

  • Superior image quality – VCSEL Technology
  • High productivity
  • Improved feeding mechanism
  • Precise front to back registration
  • Broad media support

The Nashua Pro C9500 series is the successor to the Nashua Pro C9200 series.

The Nashua Pro C9500 series is based on same HW architecture / technology than Pro C9200 series (with significant changes on Internal Controller)

The Platform includes a New Base controller (NBC) designed specifically for production (GWNX was designed initially designed for Office)

The Nashua Pro C9500 will help Print service providers to grow their business as they continue their transition to digital.

The Nashua Pro C9500 series can accelerate Offset to Digital (O2D) and become a top runner in Heavy Low segment by strengthening business models that contribute expanding the business of commercial Printing and their customers.

Enable more efficient operations with automation, and labour saving through the entire workflow and capture cost inefficient short run jobs from Offset.

Increase the number of new jobs that can be captured by expanding Media handling capabilities (thin Paper, Synthetic Media, …)

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