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A large format printer, also known as a digital printer, is a must-have piece of equipment for businesses that often produce promotional materials. If you’re taking your printing in-house, or are starting a new advertising agency, investing in a large format printer gives you the convenience to create printed products on-the-spot while gaining control and visibility over projects.

As a leading provider of printing solutions, Nashua brings the latest specialised printers straight to your business. Our range of wide format printers allow you to confidently bring large graphics such as billboards, banners, posters, and architectural drawings to life and set your business apart from the rest.

Nashua’s Range Of Specialised Printers

Our large format printers can support all your marketing needs. They offer a variety of print sizes, superior print resolutions, and high-speed image processing without taking up too much space in your office or requiring a high upfront investment.

HP T series

HP DesignJet T Series

These printers are ideal for individual or multiuser environments and deliver high-quality applications, from black and white CAD drawings to colour presentations.


  • The perfect fit – for your office and budget
  • Radically simple – from setup to print out
  • DesignJet quality – from the most trusted brand
  • Give workgroups the speed they need
hp z series

HP DesignJet Z Series

Affordable and easy-to-use HP DesignJet Z-series printers offer reliable printing technology that delivers top-quality graphics on demand.


  • Designed for speed and productivity
  • Unrivalled image quality
  • Advanced colour management backed by HP reliability
nashua wide format

Nashua Wide Format

Eco-friendly and versatile, our range of wide format printers offers professional printing solutions for a wide variety of specialised uses.


  • Scan to mail
  • PDF scanning
  • Batch scanning
  • Twain scanning
  • Scan to folder
  • Scan to URL
  • Scan to multimedia USB/SD

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Handle your busiest printing days like a pro

Our specialised digital printers are a great investment for any business looking to take productivity to the next level or broaden the production of promotional material. We want your printing operation to run at its maximum capacity and are ready to serve you as your one-stop shop for all of your specialty printing needs. Contact Nashua today to learn more about our specialised printers.