Equitrac Office

With Equitrac Office your office can now monitor and track costs for every document sent to any networked multifunction peripheral or device.

Equitrac Office reporting makes it easier to monitor and manage your company’s print and copy behaviour with an automated solution. It brings the power of enterprise print management to businesses of all sizes.

The automatic conversion of colour documents to black and white, or single-sided documents to double-sided, can save your organisation money on toner and paper costs. Detailed reports will tell you who printed what document from which device, with a breakdown of how many documents were printed, whether they were colour or black and white, and what their associated costs were. For organisations that need to allocate costs back to your customers or departments, Equitrac Office can assign printing costs to specific billing codes or projects.


  • Includes 25 workstation clients, as well as connections to an unlimited number of printers and print servers
  • Includes one embedded licence for accessing print management capabilities right at the device control panel
  • Accurate cost allocation and tracking
  • Secure and confidential
  • Improved productivity and effortless control
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
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