Digital Duplicators

Dependable, cost-effective printer

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From offices to schools, farms to factories, hospitals to studios, whatever industry you’re in, Nashua has a dependable, cost-effective printer to meet your needs.

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Nashua’s digital duplicators offer an impressive level of service to businesses, schools or any organisation where long print runs and 2-in-1 prints are routine. The process is fully automated and will produce prints of 90 to 130 pages a minute and a resolution of 300 to 600dpi.

Nashua DD 5450

  • 300 x 600dpi A3 and A4 prints
  • Print Preview to avoid master making errors
  • 5.7 inch LCD touch panel for easy operation
  • Maximum 25-up printing (custom) to save prints
  • Print directly from USB, PC or network with an extra option

Nashua DD 3344

  • Speedy performance and user-friendly functions that meet user needs
  • Superior reliability and environmental value
  • A device to depend on for high-volume printing

Nashua DX 2430

  • Attain excellent productivity levels at 90 prints per minute
  • Job ow from master-making to printing takes only one minute
  • Turn your duplicator into a high-speed printer with the optional PC controller
  • Easy & High-Quality Colour
  • New ink pump: reduced maintenance costs and increased reliability
  • Reliable paper feed: separation mechanism, adjustable feed pressure
  • Edit directly