Digital Duplicators

High volumes at top speeds

If your office requires high-volume printing and copying, a basic office printer may not be able to handle the workload. A digital duplicator is an essential two-in-one solution that can give you faster print jobs than standard office devices.

Best suited for offices that need to print and scan large amounts of documents quickly, our digital duplicators can print on a wide range of papers, in sizes A5 to A3. By combining advanced image duplication technology with excellent paper and media handling, you can produce high-quality documents day after day.

  • Speedy performance and user-friendly functions that meet user needs
  • Superior reliability and environmental value
  • A device to depend on for high-volume printing

  • Attain excellent productivity levels at 90 prints per minute
  • Job ow from master-making to printing takes only one minute
  • Turn your duplicator into a high-speed printer with the optional PC controller
  • Easy & High-Quality Colour
  • New ink pump: reduced maintenance costs and increased reliability
  • Reliable paper feed: separation mechanism, adjustable feed pressure
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Features and benefits of Nashua’s digital duplicators

Riso SF5350

High-volume print jobs

A digital duplicator is the best printer for high-volume printing such as manuals, books, booklets, and posters. In a month, you can produce approximately 300,000 prints, which means you can print the documents in bulk.


Our digital duplicators are designed to operate at the lowest cost per page. This means you’ll be able to stay productive while saving money.

Excellent resolution

You can count on our digital duplicators to deliver prints with a high level of detail. Printing in up to 300 x 600 dpi resolution, the range produces professional-quality results every time.


Our digital duplicators require no warm-up time, and less energy and ink to operate. They also run on a cleaner chemical output, making them a sustainable option for your business.

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Go further with Nashua’s digital duplicators

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