Nashua IM9000

  • Copy speeds of 90 copies per minute
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Smart and easy to use
  • Better reliability
  • Smoother usability
  • Nashua Intelligent Support

The IM 9000 is an A3 black and white MFPs that provide copy speeds of 90 copies per minute.

This device provides copy, print, and scan as standard, with fax available as an option. They come with the latest generation GWNX controller that provides advanced functionality and a number of improvements over the previous devices, such as faster duplex scan speed and improved High Compression PDF performance. These MFPs also deliver continuous new value to customers with Nashua Always Current Technology, Nashua Intelligent Support, and Nashua Smart Integration. Additionally, they come standard with the latest (G2.5) 10.1” Smart Operation Panel that is more intuitive, user-friendly, and responsive to touch gestures.

These MFPs contain 16.5% recycled materials by weight—recycled steel and post-consumer recycled plastics—one of the highest recycled content ratios for devices within the product range so far. The devices also support a range of optional accessories for specific workflows, including a small paper tray and double-feed detection unit for the SPDF. Lastly, new and improved optional finishers are available for customers to produce Z-fold brochures, stapled documents, booklets, and so on.

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New and enhanced features

These devices come with a range of new and enhanced features to meet the needs of customers and the modern digital workplace.

Nashua Always Current Technology

With work styles and technology evolving so rapidly, customers are expecting devices that are agile and ready to meet their ever-changing business needs. Now, with Nashua Always Current Technology, we can respond rapidly via periodic downloadable updates, ensuring that our customers’ devices are always equipped with the latest features.

And, in the essence of responsive design, we will continue to add functionality that is specific to varying industries and business workflows. But most importantly, with security being one of the major concerns for businesses these days, customers can have peace of mind that their devices are always protected with the latest security features.

For years after the initial MFP purchase, accounts can be kept up-to-date with the latest Nashua Always Current Technology features and functions. Customers can choose to have the updates installed automatically, or should they prefer, manually from the Application Site. At the time of launch, the MFP is loaded with the latest features of Nashua Always Current Technology.

Note: Some features are dependent on the engine’s capability.

Nashua Intelligent Support

When customers need help operating these new devices, our latest Nashua Intelligent Support capabilities will give them the support quickly when they need it. Nashua Intelligent Support tools such as RemoteConnect Support allows our support specialists to remotely access devices to apply corrective measures and minimise downtime.

They can also remotely operate the Smart Operation Panel and guide customers in real-time on how to use the device. IT managers can use the intuitive Remote Panel Operation tool to access their fleet of devices from a web browser and provide user support easily and resolve issues quickly over the company network. Web-help and How-to Videos are also accessible from the Smart Operation Panel, helping customers to complete simple tasks like toner replacement quickly and easily.

These MFPs will also periodically check for and download the latest firmware from the server and then automatically update themselves with the latest version of the Automatic Remote Firmware Update (ARFU) tool. Lastly, the Advanced Remote Mobile System (ARMS) gives field technicians all the technical information they need about a device before they arrive at the customer’s location. The information, based on data from @Remote, is delivered to a mobile-friendly website and promotes faster issue resolution and firsttime fix.

Note: Contact your local sales company for a full list of Nashua Intelligent Support offerings available in your market.


nashua intellegent support

Nashua Smart Integration

Nashua Smart Integration enables customers to integrate their offce devices with cloud services. It provides easy-to-use apps to connect supported devices to popular third-party cloud services, so that important information becomes instantly accessible, ready to use and share.

Customers undergoing digital transformation will be able to work faster, smarter and more cost-effectively. Nashua Smart Integration provides a new subscription business model which gives customers quick access to the latest app versions with no need for high upfront costs. They can get started quickly and easily. Nashua Smart Integration apps are for SMB (Small to Medium Business) customers and specific industries. The apps portfolio is growing rapidly, and new workflow integrations are completed by Nashau’s committed team of developers on an on-going basis.

Smoother usability

The Smart Operation Panel on these MFPs can be tilted up to 90 degrees compared with a non-tiltable version in the previous devices. This gives users the flexibility to adjust it to make the screen more visible, making it especially useful for users who are bending down to replenish supplies or to fax an issue, or those in wheelchairs.

The G2.5 Smart Operation Panel is also faster than the previous generation when it comes to screen transition and application startup. Depending on the application, the Smart Operation Panel takes just up to 0.4 seconds to transition to another screen compared with 1.1 seconds in the previous generation. Additionally, the Copy application startup time is a mere 0.5 seconds compared with 7.6 seconds in the previous generation Smart Operation Panel.

Better reliability

A number of improvements have been made to make these devices more reliable and achieve maximum uptime.

These MFPs support the optional Page Keeper Type M37 double-feed detection unit that prevents more than one page from being scanned at a time on the SPDF. It is useful for customers who frequently scan large volumes of multiple-page documents.

The punch unit for the optional Finisher SR4140 has also been improved. The position gap of the punch hole is smaller compared with its predecessor, ensuring better hole punching accuracy for consistently high-quality documents. Additionally, the Web Help and User Guide features provide quick access to information with easy-to follow instructions, allowing customers to quickly troubleshoot and resolve common issues by themselves.

Enhanced workflow

These MFPs are powered by an advanced GWNX controller that provides the latest features for users to work smarter and achieve better results. These include improved High Compression PDF performance, which provides higher quality scans at smaller file sizes.

Another notable enhancement is Reception Storing Settings per Sender, which allows users to register file storage folders according to the lines and senders. This function is particularly useful for customers who use paperless fax. Additionally, these devices support the chargeable Job Build and Class Setting apps, which help teachers and other staff in the education industry to easily create jobs that require a different number of copies for each class or department.

Job Build can be used to easily create combined documents consisting of multiple individual sheets from different sources. Meanwhile, Class Setting can copy different numbers of documents from the same original for different classes or departments.

Note: Contact your local sales company for more information on the Job Build and Class Setting apps.

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