Riso SF5030

  • Master Making/Printing Methods: High-speed digital master-making/Fuly automatic printing
  • MaximumScanning Area: 297 mm x 432 mm
  • Print Paper Weight: 46 gsmto 157gsm
  • MaximumPrinting Area: 210 m ×290 mm
  • User interace: LCD panel
  • PC Interface: USB2.0. Ethernet:100BASE-TX, 10BASE-T*5
  • Ink Supply: Full automatic (1000 ml/cartridge)

RISO digital duplicators, also known as Riso machines are the most cost-effective solution in making more than 25 copies of a specific page. Because a digital duplicator uses ink and not toner, it does not require warm up time, operates at advanced speeds and uses less electricity.

The RISO SF5030 digital duplicator offers high quality print at a maximum print speed of 130ppm and incredibly low cost, enabling easy and efficient large volume printing. Achieving 1000 pages printed in approximately 8 minutes. This surprisingly rapid rate will efficiently support your heavy paperwork requirements.

The RISO SF5030 forms part of the RISO SF range of duplicators including the RISO SF9350 and RISO SF5350.

This digital duplicator makes prints from a master. As a result, the more pages generated from each master the lower the cost per print, making it highly economical for medium to high volume printing.

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