Printer Management Solutions

Make printing smarter with PaperCut and Equitrac

Nashua PaperCut print management software manages all devices – including printers from multiple vendors. It provides all the information you need to optimise productivity, such as the number of devices on the network and the total cost of print.

By highlighting print management in the business, PaperCut can help to identify issues such as device underperformance. This user-friendly system also assists with handling mechanical problems like paper jams – before users are even aware of them. Cartridge management indicates when a cartridge is down to 30% so a replacement can be ordered.

Managing output in colour is also made easier and cost-effective by controlling the documents users can print. Users of PaperCut have cited print volumes reduced by 30% to 40%, with corresponding cost savings.

Get rid of print mismanagement

Equitrac Office is another tool Nashua offers within its printer management solutions. It provides better understanding of office equipment usage and management of document output costs.

Equitrac is the leading cost-recovery solution, using software to track, analyse, and charge for every page output. Equitrac helps reduce print waste and costs, while providing all the printing security and convenience employees need.

Many organisations use Equitrac to:

  • Reduce expense of equipment over-buying and under-use
  • Direct output to the most efficient device
  • Eliminate unauthorised printing and copying
  • Enforce quotas on colour output
  • Allocate output costs to users, departments, projects or clients
  • Protect document security and confidentiality
  • Learn exactly how printers and copiers are being used
  • Reduce IT support requirements

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