and Services

Our world-class products and services streamline productivity and responsiveness.

Voice and Telephony

From cost-effective, high-quality IP-based voice telephony services to private branch exchange (PBX) or virtual branch exchange (VBX) solutions for telephony and unified communications; we’ll provide the flexible and scalable communication solutions you need to succeed in today’s ever-changing business environment.

Managed Document Solutions

Digitising your current document processes allows you to stay competitive and compliant in today’s digital world. Nashua’s Managed Document Solutions will not only improve your business’s performance when dealing with its customers, but will also save endless man-hours and money. Let us help you evaluate how your business accesses, uses and stores print and digital information. Our assessment will match a powerful solution to your environment and cover the legislative and information security which your business needs.

Workspace Accessories & Consumables

Staplers, whiteboards, whiteboard markers, pens and erasers – these are the tools that no business can do without. At Nashua, we provide a comprehensive range of workspace accessories, consumables and stationery to keep your business moving forward.

Fleet Management Software

Our innovative Fleet Management Software is a free, value-added service offered to our valued printer customers. This proactive software ensures the consistent high-quality output and efficiency of your printers by providing real-time monitoring and reporting critical status and critical information to our technical data centres.

Interactive Whiteboards

Write or touch, classroom or boardroom - interactive whiteboards (IWB) have the power to transform businesses and education facilities into modern hubs of easily analysed, shared, modified and stored information. Change the way you collaborate and communicate with our range of interactive whiteboards.

Projectors & Screens

Our premium range of projectors and screens enhance your meeting and presentation experience, while ensuring you have access to the best-in-industry technology. Allow us to talk to you about our product range and which audio visual solution would suit your business needs and revolutionise the way you do business.


Touch LED

Enjoy a display solution that delivers a truly impressive viewing experience. From the boardroom to the classroom, our range of cost-effective, interactive touch technology systems invites better collaboration and productivity.

Nashua Surveillance Solutions

In today’s world, crime is always a concern. Nashua Surveillance Solutions provide best-in-class surveillance hardware and monitoring solutions for total peace of mind. Our extensive range and options of surveillance solutions mean that no matter the size, existing infrastructure or budget, there is a perfect solution that’s right for your business.

Nashua Access Control Solution

Knowing who comes and goes on your property is a fundamental concern of every business owner. Nashua Access Control Solutions offer you more reassurance with outstanding solutions ranging from simple identification cards and turnstile access, to high-end multi-authentication biometric solutions – allowing you to protect your premises, control access within your business, and monitor staff activity.

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Nashua Voice

High quality voice solutions that enable you to reduce your monthly telecommunications costs, while increasing your business performance and productivity. Our world-class voice solutions are specifically tailored to your business needs and backed by our always-on support.

Nashua PBX / VBX and Hardware

With Nashua you can expect best-of-breed PBX or VBX solutions, which are customised to your specific business needs and scalable for your business growth. Enjoy better connection and communication both internally and externally with our PBX / VBX solutions.

Office & Workspace Printers

Our extensive range of printers are scalable and adaptable to your business needs. Offering single function, multifunction, HP PageWide, HP OfficeJet and HP LaserJet printers, we have what you need to deliver productivity, workflow, quality and cost-efficiency every single day.

Commercial & Specialised Print Solutions

Our range of high-speed, high-capacity printers offers robust solutions for commercial printers and in-house departments, as well as the technical wide format market such as architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing. You can trust our energy efficient range to provide superior image quality, high-speed output and absolute reliability.

Managed Print Solutions

Our managed print solutions give you complete control of your print environment, by providing the ability to track and account for every single print, copy and scan in your business. All of which allows you to optimise your print infrastructure and significantly cut down your costs.

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Nashua Wireless

Need to get great internet connectivity quickly and hassle-free?

Partnering with the best wireless providers in Africa, Nashua Wireless provides your business with the security, performance and reliability it needs to boost responsiveness, creativity and productivity. Whether you’re looking for a solution that can handle video conferencing, connect multiple devices, share large files or provide a seamless collaboration across the office; we have you covered.

Nashua Fibre

Need the ultimate internet connectivity solution?

Nashua Fibre is a high-speed, scalable data and voice solution that has the power to change your business. Whatever your business demands, you can look forward to high-performing, reliable internet connectivity that won’t let you down. We’ve partnered with next generation network providers to bring you some of the fastest, most dependable Fibre in Africa.

Interim Wireless Solution

Want great connectivity while you wait for Fibre in your area?

At Nashua, we believe in constantly moving your business forward. So we provide interim wireless solutions in areas where Fibre is not live yet. Once the Fibre is installed, you can choose to keep the interim wireless link as a redundant link for a failover back-up solution or choose to decommission it.