Make the new ways of working the
new normal with seamless solutions that
make remote working feel less remote.

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    Connect, Collaborate and stay digitally secure

Having the right tools for a productive workspace is essential for the remote worker. The accessibility of laptops, seamless connection and collaboration, and digital security make remote working feel less remote.

Nashua provides the most cutting-edge ICT services and solutions, ranging from hardware and software to end-point security; collaboration solutions enabling remote workers to thrive and stay connected no matter where they are, as well as industry leading print solutions to match any home office needs.

Nashua’s approach to ensuring that the remote worker has the right tools to thrive no matter where they are is to provide rapid deployment turnkey solutions to make the transition from office to remote working as seamless and effortless as possible.

Connect Collaborate and stay digitally secure

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Our remote working turnkey solution offering:

The right set of tools to seamlessly connect and work from anywhere.

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\ Laptop

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\ Office 365 with Microsoft Teams

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\ Conference Headsets

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\ Digital Signature Solution 

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\ Basic UPS Device

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\ Entry level wireless Multi-Functional Printer 

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\ Virtual Switchboard System, with SIP enable account for Softphone usage

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\ Connectivity (Fibre, Wireless, Fixed LTE Solutions)