Set clear, defined deadlines

| 12 September 2014

This article originally appeared on Moneyweb.

John SaneiJohn Sanei, Future Collective CEO says you should meeet with your team often to remind them of goals.

“Make sure that your staff has a clear understanding of their responsibilities and everyone knows and understand what each others are,” he says when asked for his top time-saving tips.

Renowned as a dynamic thought leader in the field of trend analysis and strategy, Sanei emphasises the importance of your team knowing what their priorities and objectives are, and when these should be implemented by.

A timeframe allows Future Collective staff to manage their time more effectively and efficiently. “Meet with your team as often as possible to remind them of the long-, medium- and short-term goals; this helps to ritualise feedback sessions and makes the best use of your time.

“Make sure that your staff understands the company’s mission, vision, and purpose, as this allows for ‘efficient preventative action’.

“Setting clear, defined deadlines for every short- and long-term goal removes room for error, optimises our time management, and ensures that we are always one step ahead of the game,” he says.

“Assigning the right tasks to the right person will make all the difference. At Future Collective we use the SMART acronym to monitor our staff’s or projects’ progress: be Specific, make it Measurable, it should be Achievable, Relevant to the person assigned the task, and must come with a deadline – thus being Time-bound.”

Sanei feels that as long as clear, defined deadlines are set you, will undoubtedly be making optimal use of your time, thereby allowing more time to either focus on other projects, or get in some much-needed downtime.

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