Smart, slick and safe

| 28 April 2017

By Staff Writer

Office printers have long been the poster-child for workspace frustrations. Scenes depicting the wrath of an office worker destroying the office printer at their all-time low are familiar to most of us.

And why shouldn’t they be? The breathless frustration that goes with that last-minute ink or paper alert, notifying you just before your presentation, makes for great dramatic material.

Thankfully, innovation has transformed working spaces in ways that’ll save patience for all who use it. Far more mobile, collaborative and connected, office printers are now one of the easiest and most effective assets to manage in the workplace.

Smooth sailing to office satisfaction
This makes for a more productive day whether you’re looking at it as an individual or business. Streamlined activities make for smart work, rather than hard work.

Think about being afforded an entirely holistic approach through one dashboard; making decisions accordingly based on who needs what by when, and then making your office printer work for you.

Take Nashua’s ProAct option, for example, with proactive accuracy that operates across a range of devices while consistently measuring and mediating interruptions through feedback reporting. This means either an offsite supplier or organisational delegate can act on warnings, and prevent any interruptions that may negatively impact on the business – and the various ways it delivers.

Tiptoeing around data
The mention of data – for security and usage concerns – is a good talking point. Because no matter how we engage with data based on our personal and professional needs, it’s now something that integrates with our everyday lives. The cold-sweat level of fear is something we know all too well. And because we know what data can do for us, we understand that its value comes at a price.

Compressing used data streams into a mere couple of kilobytes is a proactive solution to any industry that knows how much data it needs – compared to how much it wants to part with. And when talking about various types of data and IP transmitted, you’re faced with another race through which to pace yourself.

Networking securely
While the ProAct links to and runs on your network, confidential data is only transmitted by the network – through the network. None of the information transmitted can be collected or viewed, because it’s not stored or saved in any way by the ProAct Onsite unit. This mitigates the possibility for security threats to information you copy, print or scan.

For ultimate efficiency, ProAct can be viewed for status through one functional dashboard presenting actionable information. This new addition is not only an invaluable addition to the market, but delivers value for technology and service – guaranteed to take your office printer expectations to the next level.

The only downside? Workspace frustrations are going to need a new poster-child.

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