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Experience Security That’s Ahead of the Curve

Your business needs more than just security; it needs smart security. Nashua provides tailored yet scalable security solutions that offer real-time surveillance, robust access control, and analytics to keep you informed and in control. Our security system specialists assess your premises, evaluate potential vulnerabilities, and create a tailor-made security blueprint that addresses your unique concerns. Your business security is not just a project to us; it’s a commitment we take seriously.

We know that security never sleeps, and neither do we. Our commitment to your safety goes beyond installation. Our round-the-clock support ensures that your security system is always up and running. With Nashua by your side, you can rest assured that your CTTV and access control security solutions are backed by a team that’s vigilant about maintaining the integrity of your security infrastructure.


CCTV Surveillance Solutions


Our industry-leading CCTV solutions set the standard for advanced surveillance, ensuring you have the upper hand in protecting your premises. Our solutions combine high-resolution cameras, intelligent analytics, and remote monitoring to empower you with real-time insights into your business premises.

a person using a proximity card with CCTV


Say goodbye to traditional locks and keys. With Nashua's access control solutions, you have the power to manage who enters your premises with just a few clicks. Grant access remotely, restrict sensitive areas, and track entry logs effortlessly. Our system puts you in charge, ensuring that your space remains secure and is only accessible to authorised individuals.

thermal imaging of a man with a high body temperature.


Our fever screening solutions provide a quick and non-intrusive method of detecting elevated body temperatures. Within just one second, our systems can accurately measure the temperature of multiple individuals simultaneously while avoiding physical contact.



Our comprehensive selection of CCTV solutions spans a spectrum that caters to various security needs and budget considerations. From small enterprises looking for basic coverage to large corporations seeking advanced surveillance, we have the ideal solution to match your needs perfectly.  

Nashua’s surveillance technology seamlessly captures every moment, ensuring crystal-clear images and videos that leave nothing to chance. Whether it’s monitoring indoor areas or keeping a vigilant eye on outdoor spaces, Nashua’s cameras deliver uncompromised quality across the board. 

With features like night vision, motion detection, number plate recognition, fever screening technology, and seamless remote viewing capabilities, you can trust Nashua to deliver the highest level of security and peace of mind. 


Nashua’s access control solutions redefine how businesses manage entry and exit points. From basic identification cards to turnstile access to sophisticated multi-authentication biometric solutions, we offer a range of options that put you in control. Our access control solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing security infrastructure, enhancing overall efficiency and effectiveness.  

Manage access to your premises with unmatched control and precision. Gain valuable insights into personnel movement, peak traffic hours, and more. Our sophisticated access control solutions let you optimise your business operations with data-driven decisions. 

access control
fever screening


In the wake of global health concerns, fever screening has become a critical aspect of security. Nashua offers advanced fever screening solutions that prioritise health and security in one package. With the ability to detect a person’s temperature within a single second, our solutions enable multi-person detection simultaneously, minimising wait times and congestion.  

The non-contact measurement technology ensures a hygienic approach, while immediate alarms notify operators of any abnormal readings. Leveraging AI detection, our systems significantly reduce false alarms triggered by other heat sources, streamlining operations and improving accuracy. 

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Expertise that Speaks for Itself:

Our team of skilled professionals combines deep industry knowledge with a commitment to staying at the forefront of security advancements. This means you can rely on us to deliver solutions that are not only effective today but also equipped to handle the challenges of tomorrow.

Tailored Solutions, Unparalleled Protection:

We work closely with you to understand your specific requirements, enabling us to design and implement a security strategy that addresses your business’s distinct vulnerabilities. Whether it’s a small retail store or a sprawling corporate campus, Nashua has you covered.

State-of-the-Art Technology:

Our commitment to your security drives us to partner with industry-leading technology providers. From advanced CCTV cameras with high-definition clarity to sophisticated access control systems featuring biometric authentication, our solutions are powered by the latest innovations.