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Secure your entrances more effectively with a biometric access control system

In today’s challenging security environment, it is vital that your business invests in a streamlined, effective, and high-tech access control system that ensures a heightened degree of protection for your staff and assets.

Nashua delivers the industry’s most advanced biometric access control systems. Our solutions can be seamlessly deployed in different industries, businesses, and security levels. And they are designed to be scalable to your security needs. Gain the confidence of future-proofing your business with market-leading solutions that deliver a wealth of efficiency and simplicity while taking your security to a whole new level.

The ultimate keyless experience

Biometric access control systems are internationally recognised for their patented core technology, exceptional reliability and performance. The range includes low to high-end terminals that perform user-friendly dry and wet fingerprint and/or face recognition access control, as well as time recording for both indoor and outdoor applications. Ideal for SMEs and residential markets, the system can leverage existing employee demographic data to reduce manual entry steps for improved convenience and security.

How RFID cards work

  • Facial recognition access control:
    Facial recognition is a fast, easy method to ensure only authorised users access certain areas. Authentication takes place within a second, with an accuracy rate of over 99%, even in low-light/dark conditions, or when users are wearing face masks.
  • Fingerprint access control:
    A quick, non-invasive and simple authentication method that can identify people in less than a second. The system can process dry and wet fingerprints and can be configured for multi-layer authentication through a combination of fingerprint and smart card verification.
biometric access control
biometric scanner

Benefits of a biometric access control system

  • Speed and convenience:
    The system allows personnel quick and trouble-free access to the places they need to be.
  • Improved security:
    Due to the non-contact nature of the keyless entry lock system, the issue of lost or stolen keys is avoided.
  • Keep track of who comes and goes:
    Knowing where people are, what they are accessing, and at what times enables more proactive people management.
  • Ability to scale:
    For growing organisations, these systems are very flexible and can accept additional employee’s data easily.

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Let’s talk security

To get your biometric access control system installed and start protecting your valuable assets, call us today and speak to our team.