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Fleet camera systems to keep your operation moving forward

It’s a dangerous and unpredictable world out there. When you have a business that relies on driving, maintaining the highest safety conditions is paramount. A fleet camera system is one of the most effective tools for monitoring your vehicles and drivers. It’s not just about recording journeys; it’s about staying ahead of risks and disasters that have the potential to bring your operation to a screeching halt.

Worry less with Nashua’s fleet monitoring solutions

The fleet monitoring experts at Nashua use the latest technology to make your fleet safer and easier to manage, matching your specific needs with the appropriate surveillance technologies.

Mobile digital video recorders

Our standard MDVR set consists of a dash camera, external power supply unit, conductors and fixing hardware set. The system records every incident that takes place during journeys – both on the road and inside the vehicle, and can be used for a variety of purposes.

  • Monitor driver performance
  • Uncover the reasons for harsh braking
  • Gather video evidence on the causes of accidents
  • Track the location of stolen vehicles

Mobile Digital Video Recorders range from 4 channels up to 16 channels and have GPS location antennas as standard. They also have recording capabilities, including SD card systems, hard drive systems, and solid-state drives.

dashcam traffic

Security cameras that keep a watchful eye on your vehicles

By investing in a fleet camera system, you benefit from a more secure environment for your fleet and get the peace of mind of knowing your vehicles, drivers, and, by extension, your business are protected. You will be able to limit threat vulnerabilities through real-time monitoring and high-resolution imagery. Vehicle accidents, theft, vandalism, and fraudulent claims are just a few of the several issues that can be solved with dash cams.

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Entrust the safety of your fleet to the experts

Whether it’s a single or eight security cameras for your trucks, coaches, or buses, we have a host of solutions that cater to your needs. You can stop feeling frustrated about common fleet risks facing your business, and instead feel confident that the team at Nashua has your back. Let’s discuss your needs and concerns.