RFID Cards

RFID Cards – a secure scan-and-go solution

The goal of any modern access control system is to ensure your workers are in a safe and secure environment, protect your most valuable assets, and make the flow of people smoothly. If your organisation is looking to upgrade from a vulnerable key entry system or better manage who’s coming and going, RF cards are a robust solution.

Nashua can help your organisation build an access control infrastructure activated by RFID cards that ensure strong authorisation across all entry points. The technology guarantees that only those authorised persons get quick, convenient access to high-security areas.

RFID access control for the modern workplace

Nashua’s proximity readers and scanners give you the option of expanding your access control solution at a minimal cost. You can choose from an extensive range of indoor and outdoor readers, standalone terminals and USB take-on readers. The effective surveillance hardware reads proximity and Mifare cards, and detects live and fake fingerprints. At the same time, the slave readers use on-board intelligence of the paired biometric terminals for fingerprint verification and identification.

How RFID cards work

  • To authorise themselves, users hold the card close to the terminal. This enables the reader and RFID tag to establish a wireless connection.
  • The pre-programmed data on the card is transmitted to the control panel. This is where verification happens to make sure the card is valid.
  • The control panel verifies the resident’s credentials. It does this by comparing the data sent by the RFID cards against a database stored either locally or on the cloud.
  • The control panel instructs the door to open. If the card is authorised, the control panel sends a signal back to the reader to trigger a door unlock.
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A Secure Scan-And-Go Solution

RFID access control can be implemented to a number of entry points such as exterior doors, perimeter gates, data closets, private offices, and storage areas. If you are looking to talk to us about our access control card readers, please contact us today. We would love to partner with your business on its security journey.