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Dark scenes aren’t a match for Nashua’s thermal imaging cameras

At Nashua, we understand the importance of maintaining 24-hour security surveillance on your premises. We also understand that it’s not always possible to gain clear visibility into your surroundings at certain times or under certain circumstances. That’s why we provide advanced thermal imaging cameras you can rely on for round-the-clock monitoring and protection.

Thermal imaging cameras see what standard cameras cannot

Thermal imaging cameras can now be deployed in areas where standard CCTV cameras fall short, namely to achieve optimal performance in a range of changing conditions. By taking the heat emitted from a body – even when there’s a slight change in temperature – and converting it into an image that is visible on the monitor, these cameras can immediately recognise intruders or threats and alert your security team.

Features of thermal CCTV cameras

  • Senses nearby heat sources in their line of sight, even when they go unnoticed by the human eye.
  • Detects heat sources through leaves or other light covering.
  • Able to identify heat sources concealed by camouflage or blending backgrounds.
  • Produces high resolution thermal security images to detect intruders.
thermal camera
thermal outside camera

Can your business benefit from thermal CCTV cameras?

Criminals thrive under the cover of darkness, most properties are deserted at night, and standard video surveillance systems cannot provide adequate image quality in dark and low-lit environments. Installing the right infrared cameras gives you enhanced coverage and the ability to get clear visibility into the goings-on around your premises throughout the day and night.

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Thermal cameras let you think beyond normal surveillance

If integrating thermal security cameras makes sense to you, discuss your security needs with Nashua today. Our experts will help create the perfect surveillance solution for you.