Why forward-thinking businesses are optimising information

| 29 January 2016

Why forward-thinking businesses are optimising information

In a volatile and unforgiving corporate landscape, businesses are under constant pressure to better processes, green their infrastructure and squeeze more productivity into the same number of hours – a difficult task for even the most cutting-edge organisations.

One way forward-thinking businesses are making these changes – and staying ahead – is by improving centralised systems. This starts with the centralisation of print devices and output. But what more and more businesses are quickly learning is that centralised print management is a springboard for them to think bigger – to manage the entire document lifecycle and boost efficiency as a result.

Managed Print Services (MPS) have substantial benefits, including:
• Waste reduction and ‘greener’ office spaces
• Decreased energy consumption
• Increased productivity and time-saving
• Streamlined workflow

While MPS is a great starting point for efficiency, managed services can extend far beyond centralised print outputs – it’s about taking a ‘bigger picture’ approach that seeks to constantly improve the way businesses work – online and offline.

As a leading business solutions provider, Nashua encourages its clients to embrace a second-phase approach to MPS – the introduction of Managed Document Services (MDS). In the same way MPS works to streamline the way employees print, MDS is designed to organise and improve how they access information. These two services work hand-in-hand to save time, reduce waste and boost efficiency.

MDS organises and stores all documents in one consolidated place, taking a life-cycle approach and managing documents from their creation to destruction. MDS can save time in the simplest of ways, with an always-on, access-based structure. Employees can access documents at the same time, saving valuable hours that are usually lost in administrative processes.

With proper change management tailored to each organisation’s unique needs, these adaptable, centralised services can change the face of document environments for the better, giving businesses the freedom they need to thrive.

To read more about MDS and browse Nashua’s managed services, click here.

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